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Experience the Balmac difference. A culture of helpfulness and pragmatic problem solving underpins our business. We'll cheerfully work with you to create answers for your needs, at an affordable price.

Balmac Services specialises in custom trailer design & manufacture and custom designed ute tool boxes.

Our product range includes coupling guides, trailer dollies, and a range of well designed, rugged and dependable turfcare machinery for greenkeepers.





The Bowling Green Roller, like the soil spreader, has been used by many green keepers for many years. With innovation over the years the roller has become very user friendly keeping in mind ease of use by many different people.

The machine has three rollers, two of which are smaller in diameter and are the steering rollers, the other, which is larger in diameter, is the drive roller. The rollers are arranged to give maximum benefit when rolling. The body is fitted with a very comfortable seat with arm rests and back support to make it comfortable to ride on. The controls are placed in such away that they are both easy to use and comfortable for the user. The Bowling Green Roller is fitted with its own means of transporting too and from the bowling green.


  • Pressed 6mm steel body for easy cleaning and strength.
  • All steering and control rods fitted under body.
  • Wide body prevents roller from tipping over.
  • Honda motor for long trouble free life, super quiet operation, very easy starting.
  • Very comfortable seat with back support and arm rests.
  • Easy to use wheel lifting handles to raise and lower roller for transporting.
  • Hydrostatic transmission to give good even speed control in both directions.
  • SAFTEY GoPedal, depress to engage the transmision. Once the pedal is disengaged the roller will stop.


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