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Experience the Balmac difference. A culture of helpfulness and pragmatic problem solving underpins our business. We'll cheerfully work with you to create answers for your needs, at an affordable price.

Balmac Services specialises in custom trailer design & manufacture and custom designed ute tool boxes.

Our product range includes coupling guides, trailer dollies, and a range of well designed, rugged and dependable turfcare machinery for greenkeepers.





The B2100 Ditch Mower is made for the mowing of ditches that surround bowling greens. It is electric powered easy to use and has a tapered body allowing it to get under the wall mat and up to the ditch board leaving no grass behind that has to be trimmed later.

The stepped blade has less friction making for easier cutting, and the wheels are fitted to each corner of the body allowing the mower to cut long grass without blocking


  • Easy use offset handle
  • Handle moves both ways with stops
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • No extra trimming
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